Strategy Vision


HCD wishes to become a potential, dynamism, strongly competitive group in producing, trading and investment, always driven to conquer higher goals and is the first choice of all partners and customers.

HCD commits to constantly innovation, promote investment in comprehensively to develop, provide high-quality products and services, reasonable prices and friendly with environment, contributing to bring the best value for customers. From that build trust, close relationships with customers and partners for sustainable development.


Become a multidisciplinary, multisectors and strong brand group in Vietnam is inherited and developed from the foundation of its core and pioneer industries to gradually reach out to international markets.

Constantly innovative to improving quality of products - services.

Management and efficient use of resources, reduce costs and risks in production - business, take advantage of all potential, opportunities to promptly seize create sustainable added value.

Strengthening cooperation with partners at home and abroad to promote the potential and empowerment.

Always priority to ensure stable incomes for workers, benefits for shareholders and investors to contribute to the development of Vietnam's economy.
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