Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture of HCD Group
In the working environment of HCD Group, every members are working and belonging together as a   common house, for the same ideal Because of HCD always aware that HCD has start up and begins their   journey to the maximum value is the persons who share same passion, determination and persistence   to build the core foundation.

The core foundation of success is a strong collective. But not so that the individuality of each person no   opportunity to represented because each member of the HCD with diversity of personalities, with   conflict or unity views sometimes, creating a multicolor HCD but is uniform by passionate people to   promote creativity together with passion to  share  same ideal created a separately cultural identity of   HCD - that is the core value for longevity of HCD Group.

HCD moves toward the harmonization between each member benefits with business interests, through   building a solidary, friendly, active and professional working environment in which all members get   enthusiastic about serving for the development of HCD Group.
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