Human Resources

Human Resources of HCD Group
HCD Group considers human resources as the leading factor is crucial to success. The importance of human resources for HCD is in-depth recruiting and training personnel policies, to accompany with a work environment facilitates best conditions  for talent reaching creative power.

Parallel with the continuous expansion in scale of dependent units, affiliates, capital and assets, human resources of HCD were accumulated on both quality and quantity gradually created a solid model to ready to lifting  range to the model of Parent – Subsidiary Group, multi-sector activities are governed by the Management Board with far-sighted vision.

All members at HCD Group always dare aspiration and dream to conquer new pinnacles because that is motivate and also the penetrate string the journey assist HCD achieve its goals. HCD always dreamed big dreams but never thought success would come on the road strewn with roses that success only comes when the dare and ready for the challenges even failure to recognize that challenges would  forge his better and failure is also to accrue experience and also the opportunity to succeed.

All members of the HCD has been considered the journey in HCD is his/her happiness and success will only come when each member is always know their best efforts and dedication. HCD is in its forward momentum, overcome the turning point, take a chance to rise to new pinnacles.
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