Core Value

Core Value of HCD Group
With a viewpoint to always sustainable development and constantly improve quality of products and services; linking enterprise development with environmental protection and construction of corporate culture. HCD consistently act according to our core values, namely:

HCD protects PRESTIGE as protect its own honor; Always prepare sufficient enforcement capacity and do its best to ensure the commitment.

HCD deliberate MIND set the foundation; always rule of law, morality; Customer-centered.

HCD considered CREATIVITY is vitality, a lever for development; to nurture enterprising; The policy of building a model of "open innovation enterprise".

HCD sets SPEED guideline, effective in every action; Practice "Quick Decision - Quick Investment - Rapid Deployment - Quick Sales - Fast Change and Adaption ..."

HCD aims: the ELITE - Elites Products/Services - Elite Life - Elite Society.

HCD build relationships with the HUMANITY spirit; respect employees as the most valuable asset; Creating "impersonal" on the basis of fairness, integrity and uphold the power to unite.
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